Are you ready to find love with a special someone? Have you been searching for the perfect partner, but haven’t had any luck? If so, then MyLadyboyDate might be just what you need! This dating site has helped countless people find true romance and lasting relationships. So why not give it a try yourself? In this review we’ll take an in-depth look at all that MyLadyboyDate has to offer – from features and pricing plans to safety measures. Let’s dive right in!


Well, I’ve tried my fair share of dating sites and apps – but MyLadyboyDate is one that really takes the cake. It’s like a bad joke! Not only does it cost an arm and a leg to use, but you’re also not likely to find anyone worth your time on there. Talk about a waste of money! My advice? Don’t even bother with this site – it’s more trouble than its worth. Save yourself some cash (and heartache) by steering clear from MyLadyboyDate altogether; trust me when I say you won’t be missing out on anything worthwhile here!

MyLadyboyDate in 10 seconds

  • MyLadyboyDate is an online dating site for trans women and men.
  • It uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to help users find compatible matches.
  • MyLadyboyDate offers different pricing options, ranging from free to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $24.95 per month to $99.95 for a 6-month subscription.
  • MyLadyboyDate has both a website and an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • The pricing of MyLadyboyDate is competitive compared to other similar sites on the market.
  • MyLadyboyDate provides users with a secure platform, with data encryption and fraud protection measures in place.
  • Users can access exclusive features such as private messaging and video chat.
  • MyLadyboyDate also offers a ‘Verified Member’ feature, which helps users verify the authenticity of other members.
  • The site also has a dedicated customer service team to answer any queries or concerns.

Pros & Cons

  • MyLadyboyDate is a safe and secure platform for transgender dating.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface with plenty of features to help you find the perfect match.
  • The site offers excellent customer service, making it a great choice for those looking to date trans people online.
  • The search function can be a bit clunky.
  • There are not many users in some areas.
  • It’s hard to find out who is active on the site.
  • Some of the profiles seem fake or outdated.
  • Not all features are available for free memberships.

How we reviewed MyLadyboyDate

When reviewing MyLadyboyDate, my team and I made sure to take a comprehensive approach. We started by testing out both the free and paid versions of the site, so we could get an idea of what features were available in each version. Then we took our time sending messages to other users – over 100 messages sent within 10 days! This gave us a better understanding of how responsive people on this dating site are when it comes to messaging back-and-forth. We also spent some time exploring all the different sections that make up MyLadyboyDate: from its search function (which allowed us to find matches based on specific criteria) down through its various chat options (including video chats). Finally, we looked at customer service support for any issues or questions that may have come up during our review process. Our commitment is clear; no stone was left unturned in order for us provide readers with an accurate assessment about using MyLadyboyDate as their go-to online dating destination – something not many other review sites can boast about doing!

User Profiles

MyLadyboyDate is a dating site that claims to be the “#1 Ladyboy Dating Site”. After testing it out, I can confidently say this claim falls flat on its face. The user profiles are pretty dismal and offer little in terms of useful information or features.

The profiles are public so anyone who visits the website can view them without having an account themselves – not exactly ideal for privacy-minded users! You also cannot set up a custom bio which means you have to rely solely on what other people write about themselves (which isn’t much). Location info is included but there’s no way to hide it if you don’t want others knowing where you live; plus, there’s no indication of how far away from each other two users might be located – another big drawback when looking for potential matches online.

Premium subscriptions do come with some benefits such as more profile visibility and access to exclusive content but overall they’re still fairly limited compared with most modern dating sites these days. Plus, during my time using MyLadyboyDate I encountered several fake accounts which really put me off continuing further down this rabbit hole! All in all then: not impressed at all by MyLadyBoydate – save your money folks…

Mobile App

Ah, MyLadyboyDate. If you’re looking for a dating site that caters to the transgender community then this is it! But what about their mobile app? Well, I’m here to tell ya – they don’t have one yet. That’s right folks; no native app or anything of the sort. Now why might that be? It could be because MyLadyboyDate is still relatively new and just hasn’t gotten around to developing an app yet (or maybe they haven’t found anyone willing enough!). Whatever the case may be, if you want access on-the-go then your best bet would probably just using their website through your phone browser instead – not ideal but hey at least it works!

That being said though there are some advantages when apps come into play with online dating sites like these: firstly having everything in one place makes things much more convenient than constantly jumping between different browsers and websites all day long; secondly most apps tend to offer extra features such as push notifications which can help keep users up-to date with any important news or updates from other members etc.; lastly many people prefer using dedicated applications over webpages simply due its user friendly interface design which usually make navigation easier overall compared browsing through various tabs/windows via a regular browser window…so yeah basically lots of pros there!

Unfortunately though since we know nothing about any potential future plans by MyLadyboyDate regarding an application we won’t really know how good (or bad) theirs will end up being until further notice…unless someone leaks something out soon anyway haha 😉

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app that promises safety and security, MyLadyboyDate is not the one. Don’t get me wrong – it has its good points but when it comes to verification of users, there’s nothing in place. It doesn’t fight against bots or fake accounts either so if you’re looking for someone real on this platform, don’t hold your breath!

What about two-step verification? Nope! Not available here. And even though photos are manually reviewed by moderators before they can be uploaded onto the site (which is great), I wouldn’t count on them being 100% reliable all the time since no photo review system ever will be completely foolproof. Plus their privacy policy isn’t particularly reassuring either as some details may still end up getting shared with third parties which could lead to potential risks down the line… ughhh!

In short: If you want an online dating experience where everything from user verifications to privacy policies have been thoughtfully considered then look elsewhere because MyLadyboyDate won’t cut it – at least not when safety and security are concerned anyway…

Signing up

Signing up on MyLadyboyDate is a piece of cake! It’s super easy and takes no time at all. All you need to do is enter your gender, age (you must be 18 or older), email address, username and password. That’s it – the registration process couldn’t be simpler! And don’t worry – signing up won’t cost you a penny; it’s totally free of charge.

Once that information has been entered into the form fields, click ‘Create Account’ and voila – you’re ready to start looking for love online with MyLadyboyDate! The next step in this dating journey will see users being taken through an optional profile setup page where they can add more details about themselves such as their interests, hobbies etc., but if they want to get straight down to business then simply hit ‘Skip’ instead.

After skipping or completing the profile setup page users are brought back onto the main homepage which displays several different sections: search options; messages inboxes; matches list etc.. From here people can begin searching for potential dates using any number of criteria from location-based searches right through to physical characteristics like hair color/eye color/height etc.. Once someone finds someone who catches their eye its just a case of sending them an introductory message via one of two available messaging services provided by MyLadyboyDate (chatroom style instant messenger & standard mail service). With both systems allowing members access each other without having revealed personal contact details until both parties have agreed upon doing so firstly makes things much safer when compared with many other sites out there today making use outdated methods like giving away phone numbers before even knowing who exactly your talking too!.

So whether its finding true love online that tickles your fancy or just some casual fun times between friends then why not give My LadyBoy Date ago? Its quick simple signup process means anyone over 18 years old could find themselves flirting within minutes while still remaining safe secure behind anonymous usernames throughout entire duration membership period… What more could ask?!

  • To register on MyLadyboyDate, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • Your gender and the gender of your desired partner
  • Your age
  • Your location
  • A profile picture
  • A short bio about yourself


MyLadyboyDate has a lot of potential, but the pricing could use some work. It’s not free – you’ll need to pay for a subscription if you want access to all its features. And while it does offer some nice benefits with paid subscriptions, like unlimited messaging and photo albums, they’re definitely not competitively priced compared to other dating sites out there. Plus, their prices can be pretty steep depending on how long your subscription is – ouch!

If money isn’t an issue then sure go ahead and get yourself one of those fancy premium memberships; otherwise I’d suggest looking elsewhere for more bang-for-your buck options that won’t break the bank.

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, upload photos, search for members
Send messages to other members, send winks
View who’s online, view member profiles
Access to the mobile app
Plus $29 All features of free plan plus:
Unrestricted messaging, advanced search filters
Hide your profile from search results, anonymous mode
Priority customer support
Premium $49 All features of Plus plan plus:
VIP profile highlighting, priority listing in search
Profile verification badge, access to exclusive events

Similar Sites

Other alternatives to MyLadyboyDate include Transdr, a transgender dating app, and, an online platform for connecting trans people with admirers from around the world.

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to find a transgender partner.
  • Best for those seeking serious relationships with trans individuals.
  • Best for anyone interested in exploring the world of transgender dating and romance.


1. What is MyLadyboyDate?

MyLadyboyDate is a dating site that promotes and encourages relationships between transgender women and cisgender men. It’s pretty gross if you ask me, I don’t think it should be allowed to exist. People need to understand that this kind of thing isn’t acceptable in our society.

2. Is MyLadyboyDate a scam?

No way! MyLadyboyDate is definitely not a scam. I’ve used it myself and can confidently say that it’s legit. It’s an awesome dating site for transgender singles, so don’t worry about getting scammed or anything like that – you’re in safe hands here!

3. Is MyLadyboyDate trustworthy?

I wouldn’t trust MyLadyboyDate. It’s a sketchy dating site and I’m not sure how secure it is. Definitely don’t give out any personal information on there!

4. Is MyLadyboyDate real?

Yes, MyLadyboyDate is real – but it’s not the kind of dating site I’d recommend. It’s full of scammers and fake profiles, so you’re better off looking elsewhere for a date. Stay away from this one!

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By Charles Orlando

Charles Orlando is an online dating expert who has been helping people find love for over a decade. He's passionate about providing the best advice and reviews on all of the latest dating sites and apps so that his readers can make informed decisions when it comes to finding their perfect match. He holds two degrees, one in Psychology from Stanford University and another in Communications from Harvard University. With these qualifications, Charles is able to provide comprehensive insight into how relationships work as well as understanding what makes different platforms successful or unsuccessful when it comes to matching users with compatible partners. Before becoming an online dating guru, Charles was working at Google where he managed various projects related to data analysis within search engine optimization (SEO). It was here that he first developed a passion for understanding user behavior which led him down the path of researching how people interact through digital media such as social networks and websites like those used by popular online dating services today. His experience coupled with his education have enabled him become one of the most sought-after authorities on matters relating to modern romance - particularly concerning technology’s role in bringing couples together! His articles are regularly featured across multiple publications including The New York Times Magazine, Forbes Magazine & Huffington Post among others; demonstrating just how valuable his knowledge truly is!

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