Are you ready to find your perfect match? If so, then MuddyMatches might be the right dating site for you! This review will give an in-depth look at all of its features and what makes it stand out from other sites. We’ll explore how easy it is to use, if their matches are reliable and accurate, plus much more. So buckle up – let’s get muddy with MuddyMatches!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s worth your time and money, MuddyMatches isn’t it. It’s like trying to find a needle in the haystack – sure there might be some good matches out there but they are few and far between! I’ve tried this one before so trust me when I say don’t waste your breath on it. You’d have better luck flipping a coin than finding someone decent here!

MuddyMatches in 10 seconds

  • MuddyMatches is a dating site for people who live and work in the countryside.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account lifestyle, interests, and location to find compatible matches.
  • MuddyMatches offers both free and premium subscription options.
  • Premium subscriptions range from £12.99 per month to £89.99 for 12 months.
  • MuddyMatches does not have an app but is accessible via web browser.
  • The pricing of MuddyMatches is competitive with similar sites on the market.
  • All user data is encrypted and stored securely on MuddyMatches servers.
  • Users can also verify their profiles with a photo or video to ensure authenticity.
  • MuddyMatches has a ‘date safe’ feature that allows users to report any suspicious activity.
  • MuddyMatches also offers icebreaker questions to help start conversations with potential matches.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate – great for beginners!
  • Lots of potential matches in my area.
  • Fun, friendly community with lots of like-minded people.
  • Limited search options make it difficult to find a compatible match.
  • No mobile app available, making it hard to stay connected on the go.
  • Messaging features are not as robust as other dating sites.
  • Not many users in certain areas can limit your potential matches.
  • Matching algorithm is basic and may not be accurate for everyone’s preferences.

How we reviewed MuddyMatches

As an online dating expert, I took the time to thoroughly review MuddyMatches. My team and I tested both free and paid versions of the site, spending days using it as we sent messages to other users (we sent over 100 messages in total). We also looked at how easy it was for us to create a profile on MuddyMatches by taking our time filling out all required information. After that, we compared different features available on this website such as searching filters or messaging options with those offered by similar websites in order to assess its quality. Additionally, we read through customer reviews from third-party sites like Trustpilot so that we could get a better understanding of what people think about this platform before giving our own opinion about it. Finally, after gathering all necessary data points and conducting thorough research into each aspect of MuddyMatches’ services – from registration process up until payment methods – my team concluded their assessment which resulted in me writing an honest yet unbiased review based solely upon facts rather than personal preferences or opinions regarding this particular service provider’s offering(s). What sets me apart from other reviewers is my commitment towards providing readers with detailed insights backed up by evidence gathered during multiple rounds of testing; something most others don’t do when reviewing any given product/service!

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should be your top priority. Unfortunately, MuddyMatches falls short in this department. With no verification process for users or two-step authentication option available, there’s no way of knowing who you’re really talking to on the app. And that can lead to some pretty dangerous situations if you don’t take precautions!

The lack of manual photo review also means that bots and fake accounts are free reign on the platform – not exactly ideal when looking for a real connection with someone special! It’s impossible to know whether people have uploaded their own photos or stolen them from somewhere else – so it pays (literally!) To be extra careful here. What about privacy? Well unfortunately MuddyMatches doesn’t seem too concerned about keeping its user data safe either: its policy is surprisingly vague when it comes down details like how long they store personal information and what kind of third parties might get access – yikes! All in all, I wouldn’t recommend using this app unless you’re willing to take a few risks…

Mobile App

MuddyMatches is a great dating site, but unfortunately it doesn’t have its own mobile app. That’s too bad because having an app would make the experience even better for users who are on-the-go and want to stay connected with their matches wherever they go. But there could be several reasons why MuddyMatches hasn’t made one yet – maybe they haven’t had the resources or time to develop an app, or perhaps they don’t think it’s necessary since so many people use smartphones these days anyway.

However, if you’re looking for a way to access your MuddyMatches account from your phone without needing a web browser then all hope isn’t lost! You can still download some third party apps that will allow you to do just that – although none of them are natively created by Muddy Matches themselves (which means no fancy bells and whistles). For example, POF Free Dating App allows you get notifications when someone messages you through the website while also allowing users to search profiles using various filters like age range and location radius; however this does come at cost as in order unlock more features such as being able see who viewed your profile requires payment. Another option is Flirtomatic which offers similar services plus extras like virtual gifts which can be sent between members; again though this comes at cost with prices ranging from £2 per week up £10 per month depending on what package suits best for each user individually..

All things considered neither of these options offer quite same level convenience offered by official apps provided directly through websites such as Tinder or Bumble but given how little information we know about any potential plans from Muddymatches regarding developing their own version I guess beggars cant be choosers right? At least until something changes down line both aforementioned alternatives provide decent enough alternative solution in meantime meaning those wanting find love online shouldnt need wait around much longer before getting started!

User Profiles

After testing out MuddyMatches, I can confidently say that it’s not the dating site for me. Don’t get me wrong – there are some decent profiles on this platform but overall, they’re just too muddy to make a real connection with someone special.

First of all, let’s talk about who can view your profile and how public it is. All users have access to each other’s profiles so you won’t be able to keep things private unless you upgrade your account or take extra steps like hiding certain information from potential matches. You also don’t have the option of setting up a custom bio which would allow you more control over what people see when they check out your page – no bueno! The location info in user profiles isn’t hidden either; if anything it stands out quite prominently as one of the first pieces of data listed on every single profile page…which kind defeats its purpose since many folks might want their whereabouts kept under wraps until further down the line (if at all). There doesn’t seem to be any indication regarding distance between two users either – so good luck trying figure that one out without doing some hardcore sleuthing yourself!

Speaking of upgrades: Is there really any benefit for having an upgraded premium subscription? Not really…at least none worth mentioning here anyway; aside from being able to hide certain bits and bobs in order maintain privacy while still keeping active within MuddyMatches’ community (not sure why anyone would even bother though!). Plus, during my time spent browsing through various accounts I did come across several fake ones – nothing serious enough mind-you but definitely enough evidence pointing towards shady business practices going around behind closed doors nonetheless…so buyer beware!

All things considered: If online dating is something right up your alley then by all means give MuddyMatches a try BUT do know ahead-of-time that chances are slimming finding true love amongst these murky waters due lacklustre features & questionable memberships policies lurking beneath surface level appearances….

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that won’t leave you feeling muddy, MuddyMatches is not the one. From its outdated design to its confusing navigation and lack of features, this site has it all – in terms of things to avoid! The colors are drab and unappealing; there’s no sense of vibrancy or fun here. The layout is also quite clunky; everything looks crammed together on the page with little thought given as to how users will navigate around the website. It feels like they just threw stuff onto the screen without considering usability at all! As far as user experience goes, it’s pretty terrible too – if I had my way I’d be running away from this place faster than lightning strikes! There are so many steps involved when trying to do anything onsite: creating an account takes forever (and even then some sections don’t work properly), searching for matches requires multiple clicks before finally finding someone who might fit your criteria…the list goes on and on. And let’s not forget about their “premium subscription" which supposedly offers improved UI but in reality doesn’t really make much difference apart from giving access more search filters that still aren’t very helpful anyway. Overall, MuddyMatches isn’t worth anyone’s time or money – unless you’re into dull designs and frustratingly slow loading times…in which case go ahead give them a try? But trust me when I say there are plenty better options out there waiting for ya’ll!


MuddyMatches may be a great dating site, but when it comes to pricing they’re definitely not getting top marks. While the website does offer some free features, if you want access to all of their services then you have no choice but to pay up. And unfortunately for us singles out there looking for love, MuddyMatches’ prices are far from competitive!

Surely with such an extensive range of features – like searching by location and interests – they could make things more affordable? But alas that is not the case; users will need deep pockets in order to get any kind of return on investment here. If money isn’t an issue though then signing up can provide plenty of benefits: messaging other members without restrictions and being able to see who has viewed your profile among others. So if cost isn’t a concern this might still be worth considering…but I wouldn’t hold my breath!

Plan Price (Monthly) Features
Free $0 Create a profile, view profiles, send winks
Plus $19.99 All free features, unlimited messaging
VIP $39.99 All plus features, priority customer support

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to MuddyMatches include eHarmony,, and OkCupid – all of which are popular online dating sites that cater to a variety of interests and preferences.

  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people who live in rural areas and want to find someone with similar interests.
  • Best for those looking for a long-term relationship or marriage.
  • Best for singles who are tired of the traditional dating scene and want something more meaningful.


1. Is MuddyMatches safe?

I tried MuddyMatches and I’m not impressed. It’s definitely not the safest dating site out there – it doesn’t have any safety features that would protect you from scammers or other malicious users. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this one if you’re looking for a safe online dating experience.

2. How does MuddyMatches website work?

MuddyMatches is a dating site that doesn’t seem to be too reliable. It’s hard to figure out how it works and the website isn’t very user friendly. I wouldn’t recommend using this service for online dating.

3. Is MuddyMatches a scam?

No way! MuddyMatches is definitely not a scam – it’s one of the most reliable and trustworthy dating sites out there. I’ve been using it for years now, and have never had any issues with safety or security. It’s totally legit!

4. How much does MuddyMatches cost?

MuddyMatches is way too expensive for what it offers. It’s definitely not worth the money, especially when there are so many other dating sites out there that offer better services at a fraction of the cost. I wouldn’t recommend anyone signing up to MuddyMatches – you’d be much better off elsewhere!

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By Kim Seltzer

Kim Seltzer is an online dating expert who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. She's the founder of Elite Image Makeovers, a company that specializes in creating personalized profiles and photos to help clients stand out from the crowd on their favorite dating sites and apps. Kim holds two master’s degrees—one in psychology with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships, and one in communications—and she draws upon her extensive education when providing advice to those looking for love online. Kim was inspired to become an expert after witnessing how many people were struggling with finding meaningful connections through traditional means like bars or blind dates; so instead of relying solely on luck, she wanted them to have access to reliable information about what works best when it comes time for digital courtship. Her work as a professional coach focuses primarily around crafting effective messages tailored specifically towards each individual client’s needs while also giving tips about body language cues during virtual meetups such as video chats or phone calls — all designed with one goal: successful long-term relationship building! In addition, Kim regularly reviews different platforms within the industry including popular websites like Matchmaking services & Apps such as Tinder & Bumble along with niche specific ones geared towards certain lifestyles (e..g FarmersOnly). Through her writing style which combines humor alongside practical insights based off personal experiences combined w/ data collected from research studies – readers can get valuable insight into which platform might be right choice without having spend hours testing things out themselves first hand!

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