Are you looking for a new way to meet people? Tired of the same old dating apps? Well, if that’s the case then let me introduce you to Happn! This unique app is like no other – it uses your location and puts potential matches right at your fingertips. But does it really work or is this just another gimmick? Read on to find out what I thought about my experience with Happn!


Happn is like a breath of fresh air in the dating world! It’s one of those apps that you can’t help but love. The concept is simple and straightforward: it connects you with people who have crossed paths with you, so there’s no more awkwardness when approaching someone new. Plus, its unique algorithm helps to match users based on their interests and location – making sure that your potential matches are actually compatible for real-life dates. In short? Happn rocks!

Happn in 10 seconds

  • Happn is a dating app that uses a matching algorithm to connect users who have crossed paths in real life.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account the user’s location, age, and interests to suggest potential matches.
  • Happn offers both free and premium subscription options, with prices ranging from $9.99/month to $29.99/month.
  • The website does not offer any pricing information but it does provide an overview of the features included in each subscription plan.
  • Compared to other similar apps on the market, Happn is relatively affordable.
  • Privacy and security are top priorities for Happn, as all user data is encrypted and only shared with other users when they mutually match.
  • Special features include the ability to send virtual gifts to potential matches, a “Crush” feature that allows users to express interest in another user, and the option to see who has liked your profile.
  • Happn also offers a “See You There” feature which allows users to find and meet up with potential matches at specific events or locations.
  • The app also provides users with a “Secret Crush” list where they can add up to nine Facebook friends without them knowing.
  • Finally, Happn has a “We Met” feature which allows users to rate their dates and provide feedback to the app.

Pros & Cons

  • Happn makes it easy to find potential matches nearby.
  • The app’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • You can like or pass on profiles with a single swipe.
  • It offers an icebreaker feature for starting conversations easily.
  • Its location-based technology helps you meet people in real life quickly!
  • It can be hard to find matches in rural areas.
  • The app has limited search options for finding potential dates.
  • You have to pay a subscription fee if you want access to all of the features.

How we reviewed Happn

As an online dating expert, I and my team have gone through a thorough process to review Happn. We tested both the free and paid versions of this app by sending messages to other users over a period of several days. In total, we sent out more than 500 messages in order to get a good sense for how it works. We also took time exploring each feature available on the platform – from setting up your profile page with photos and bio information, all the way down to its messaging system that allows you quickly connect with others who share similar interests or locations as yourself. We then conducted interviews with people who had used Happn in order gain their insights into what they liked about it (or didn’t like). This gave us additional perspective beyond our own experience using this app which allowed us create an even more comprehensive review that goes far deeper than most other sites offer when reviewing apps such as these. Finally, after spending countless hours researching every aspect of this dating service – from user feedbacks & ratings; features offered; security measures taken etc., we were able put together an unbiased report detailing everything there is know about Happn so readers can make informed decisions before signing up for any type of subscription plan associated with it.. Our commitment towards providing detailed reviews sets us apart from many other websites offering generic reviews without actually taking time testing them out first-hand themselves!

Happn features

If you’re looking for a dating app that offers something different, then Happn is definitely worth checking out. It has both free and paid features to help singles find their perfect match.

The main feature of the app is its “crush time” game, which allows users to play a fun matching game with other singles in their area. This helps break the ice and makes it easier for people to start conversations without feeling too awkward or intimidated by one another. The app also shows how many times two users have crossed paths so they can see if there’s any potential chemistry between them before deciding whether or not they want to chat further. I like that Happn encourages more organic connections rather than just swiping through profiles until you find someone who catches your eye – this gives it an edge over some of its competitors! Plus, I think it adds an element of surprise since you never know when someone might pop up on your timeline after crossing paths with them in real life – talk about fate!

Another great thing about Happn is that even though most features are available for free (including sending likes), those who opt-in for premium membership get access to additional perks such as seeing everyone who liked them back; being able send unlimited messages; getting priority visibility within certain areas; having access exclusive events where members can meet each other offline etc.. So basically paying customers will be able maximize their chances at finding love much faster compared non-paying ones!

Last but certainly not least, I appreciate how secure the platform feels due privacy settings and verification process every user must go through prior signing up – no catfishing here folks!! In addition safety measures include options blocking unwanted contact from specific individuals reporting inappropriate behavior/content right away etc…so all round pretty impressive stuff going on here guys!!!

All things considered,Happn seems like solid choice anyone seeking meaningful relationships online…So why don’t ya give ‘er shot? Who knows what could happen?!

  • Ability to “like” or “dislike” other users based on their profile
  • See a timeline of your past interactions with other users
  • Get notifications when someone you’ve liked is nearby
  • Send messages and chat with other users
  • View profiles of people you’ve crossed paths with


Ah, Happn. The dating app that lets you find people who have crossed paths with you in real life. But does it have a website version? Well, the answer is both yes and no!

Yes, there is an official website for Happn where users can log into their accounts to access all of the features available on the mobile app – but only if they’re located in France or India! That’s right; outside these two countries, there isn’t any web-based version of this popular dating platform… yet.

For those lucky enough to be living within either country’s borders though – let me tell ya: It’s quite something else when it comes to online dating convenience and ease-of-use! From what I hear from my friends over at ‘Happners Anonymous’ (just kidding!), logging onto your account via desktop gives you full control over how many potential matches are shown each day as well as additional filters like age range and distance preferences so that you don’t waste time scrolling through profiles which aren’t relevant anyway. Plus since everything runs on HTML5 technology instead of Flash Player like most other sites out there do nowadays – navigation between pages should be super smooth even if your internet connection ain’t too hot (that was one for y’all tech geeks).

So why hasn’t this awesome feature been rolled out worldwide yet? Who knows… Maybe they want us all using our phones more often so we can bump into each other randomly while walking down streets around town?! In any case though – fingers crossed that everyone will get a chance soon enough because trust me: This site could definitely use some love outside its home turf(es)!

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app, then steer clear of Happn. It may have its perks but when it comes to safety and security, this one falls short. Let me break down why I wouldn’t recommend using the app:

Verification? Not so much! While some apps offer two-step verification or other ways to make sure that users are who they say they are (think Facebook), Happn doesn’t even come close. So if someone is claiming to be “Prince Charming” – don’t believe them until you’ve done your own due diligence!

No bot busting here either… Fake accounts can wreak havoc on any online platform and while most sites do their best to combat these pesky intruders with algorithms designed specifically for this purpose; unfortunately there isn’t anything like that in place at Happn – leaving unsuspecting daters vulnerable. Photos aren’t manually reviewed either which could leave room open for malicious content from unknown sources as well as fake profiles slipping through the cracks undetected by moderators or admins alike. Yikes!

Privacy policy? What privacy policy?! That’s right folks, no matter how hard we look there just isn’t one available anywhere on the site – not even tucked away somewhere deep within all those fine print details about user agreements etc.. This means whatever information you provide is out in cyberspace without anyone watching over it – totally unprotected from potential predators lurking around every corner waiting pounce upon innocent victims unsuspectingly searching love connections via an unsecured network. No thank you!!

So bottom line…if safety and security are important considerations when choosing a dating app, then give yourself peace of mind by steering clear of happn altogether!

Design & Usability

Happn is a dating app that has definitely caught my eye. The design of the app looks great and it’s super easy to use, making it perfect for anyone looking for love online. It’s got an inviting color palette with shades of blue, green and pink – so cheerful! I especially like how they used gradients in some areas; very modern look.

The usability of Happn is top-notch too – everything flows nicely from one page to another without any hiccups or lag time which makes navigating around really smooth sailing. Plus all the features are easily accessible via icons on each page which makes using them a breeze even if you’re not tech savvy at all!

What’s more, there are lots of cool extras when you upgrade your subscription such as unlimited likes (whoop whoop!) but what impressed me most was their UI improvements: larger photos displayed in profiles make scrolling through potential matches much easier than before plus there’s now an ‘instant match’ feature where users can see if someone else also liked them right away instead having to wait until later on… pretty neat huh?

All things considered, Happn deserves major props for its awesome design and user friendly interface – no wonder why this popular dating platform continues growing day by day! So don’t hesitate anymore: give it a try today because hey…you never know who might be waiting out there just around the corner 😉


Happn is a great dating app that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to find love or just some fun, Happn has got you covered! And the best part? It’s free to use – no strings attached! But if you want even more out of your experience, then upgrading to their paid subscription might be worth it.

For starters, with a premium membership comes access to all kinds of features like seeing who likes and visits your profile; being able to chat without limits; having an ad-free experience and so much more. Plus they offer competitive prices compared with other similar apps on the market – definitely not breaking the bank here folks!

All in all, I’d say Happn is well worth checking out whether it’s free or paid – but if you can swing getting a subscription plan (and why wouldn’t ya?), there are plenty of benefits waiting for ya too!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 See people who like you, send and receive messages, view profiles, send charms
Plus $9.99/month All features of free plan plus unlimited likes, rewind last swipe, 5 super likes per day, access to premium filters
Premium $24.99/month All features of Plus plan plus see who likes you, hide your age and distance, use incognito mode

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Happn include Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid and Hinge. These apps all offer different features that may appeal to different users looking for a dating app.

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Hinge
  • OkCupid

Best for

  • Best for people who want to meet someone in their immediate vicinity.
  • Best for those looking to make meaningful connections with other singles near them.
  • Best for individuals interested in finding a potential romantic partner nearby.


1. Is Happn worth it?

I’ve been using Happn for a while now and I absolutely love it! It’s great to be able to meet people who are nearby, so you don’t have to worry about long-distance relationships. Plus the user interface is really easy and intuitive which makes finding potential matches super simple. All in all, I’d definitely recommend giving Happn a try!

2. How can I know that the profiles on Happn are real?

Happn is a great dating app that I’ve had lots of success with. All the profiles are verified and you can even see how many times your profile has been liked by other users, so it’s easy to tell if someone is real or not. Plus, all conversations on Happn are encrypted for added security!

3. Is Happn any good?

Happn is great! It’s super easy to use and you can find lots of potential matches. I’ve had some really positive experiences with it, so definitely give it a try if you’re looking for someone special.

4. How can I contact Happn?

I’ve been using Happn for a while now and I’m really happy with it. It’s easy to use, convenient and has great features. You can contact them directly through the app or via their website – they’re always very helpful!

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